Voyage: Herbal Remedy for Jet Lag

Voyage is a jet lag remedy I could have really used during the years when I was crazy enough to travel from New York to Hawaii and then straight to Jamaica! 
Voyage is an herbal jet lag remedy formulated by clinical herbalist Kilu Horecki, who is trained in western herbalism and Chinese traditional and Ayurvedic medicine.  The claim is that Voyage helps when you’re traveling across multiple time zones. In addition to helping your body cope with the usual symptoms of jet lag, it also helps with altitude and travel sickness, calms anxiety, boosts the immune system and protects against food poisoning. 

Voyage contains a proprietary blend of “organic and wildcrafted botanical ingredients,” some of which include:

Albizzia, a plant native to China. The flowers, stems and bark are used to make medicine. It is taken for anxiety, depression and insomnia, and to improve mood. Albizzia has calming, sleep-inducing properties.
Andrographis is native to south Asian countries, including India and Sri La…

Recipes for Aching Feet

My feet are killing me.Oh, my aching feet. How often have you moaned those words while rubbing the soles of your poor throbbing feet? If you’ve been running around doing last minute shopping, have aching feet from wearing those fierce party stilettos for hours or have simply been on your feet all day, I’ve got some ways to soothe and smooth tired (or abused) tootsies, as well as rough, dry and cracked skin.
Fill two tubs (or foot baths) one with hot water and the other with cold water.  Make sure to fill both tubs with enough water to cover the feet to ankle level.  (Test the hot water to make sure that it is not so hot that it will scald your feet.*)
Place your feet into the hot water for three minutes, then switch to the cold water for 30 – 40 seconds.  Repeat this two times, ending with the cold water.
Alternating between the hot and cold water is invigorating and will relieve foot fatigue and stimulate circulation.
When you’ve been on your feet all day, lavender is very calming in a f…

How I Was Super-Charged by the World’s First Giant Singing Bowl

I was standing in a private room looking at a huge bronze singing bowl. I was in Lucerne, the third stop on a trip to four regions in Switzerland, staying at the Palace Luzern.  The hotel describes it as the world’s first giant singing bowl and I had signed up for the “ceremony,” an experience that promised a “state of lightness and deep relaxation.” 

The giant bowl is struck, causing 1,000 frequencies to flow through the body and “Every cell unites in harmonious vibration,” states information at the hotel website.
OK. Sure.
The giant singing bowl took 15 years to create.  This process included studying the effects and functions of small traditional Tibetan singing bowls, making the mould for the bowl, which was cast in solid bronze and has a diameter of 1.76 meters and a weight of 1.2 tons.  It had to be housed in this cozy room on the ground floor instead of in the third floor spa (for obvious reasons.)
It has been found that certain vibrational sounds can invoke a deep state of relaxat…

Phoenix Legends: A (Pima) Christmas Story

[Storytelling & Song at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass] Photo: Gerrie Summers
The Storytelling and Song program at a Sheraton desert resort follows the traditions of an Indian ancient culture
There is something magical about the Christmas season in Phoenix, Arizona. Perhaps it is the charming contrast of cacti draped with festive holiday lights sparkling in the deep, darkness of the warm Sonoran desert at night. Or it may be the mystical feel of being on sacred Native American land.
It is also a perfect time to visit and experience a tradition never before shared with the general public. Since 2005, the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort  located in Chandler, a city in Maricopa County, has featured the Storytelling & Song program to share the ancient culture of the Pima and Maricopa tribes with its guests.
Storytelling is an important and valued part of Pima and Maricopa heritage. History is passed down through oral traditions and winter is the only season where storytelling is permitted am…

Flowmotion Yoga

I took Sarah Tomson Beyer’s flow yoga class, Flowmotion: Find Your Rhythm, What’s Your Flow, when she came to Pure East in Manhattan. The two-hour class began with warm-up sun salutations and then we were taken through a number of Flowmotion sequences that we would do during the class.As the class moves forward, the pace of the sequences build and you're supposed to “tune into your rhythm and express your flow.”
Flowmotion is a cross between modern dance and yoga. Beyer has a background in dance and her technique reminds me of a yoga class I used to take on Mondays and Wednesdays at New York Sports Club. That teacher's name was also Sarah and she was a former gymnast and dancer.Moving through the fluid, and at times therapeutic sequences, makes you feel serene.Unfortunately the room in which we had the class was too small for the number of participants, making the “flow” a bit difficult, and if you're a beginner to yoga (or have been playing hooky from your regular practic…

MeSheeky: Apparel for Active Lifestyles

meSheeky is playful loungewear created by yoga instructor Sarah Tomson Beyer for active lifestyles. The apparel line is inspired by a dancer’s warm-up clothes.The soft, stretch jersey fabric makes the clothing perfect for yoga, dance, workouts and travel.

The Trixie skirt has a straight fit, with side slits. $58

Trixie skirt in Berry.

The soft halter-style tank is great for jogging and other activities. $58

Trixie tank in Jet Black.

The Trixie pant has a ruched front and back, is fitted and then flared. $88

Trixie pant in Jet Black.

The Nico skirt has a faux wrap waistband and angular slit and looks great over leggings or yoga pants. $58 Nico skirt in Punch.

The Trixie skirt has a sexy fit for the playful and adventurous woman. $58

Trixie skirt in Wink.

The Odette skirt has a foldover waistband and adjustable drawstring. $64

Odette in Jade.

For more information and to see more styles in the meSheeky collection, visit

Travel Well

There were three spa treatments introduced at the Island/Spa Magazine-sponsored Travel Well media event that caught my eye.
Tranquil Tongue Twister: Texting Tension Tamer PHOTO: Courtesy of Mohonk Mountain House
TEXTING TENSION TAMERAs a sufferer of carpal tunnel syndrome, the Texting Tension Tamer: A Massage for Multi-taskers was of particular interest.Therapist Shiloh Pileggi instantly noticed the strain injury in my right wrist.This massage is perfect for those of us who spend excessive time texting or working online.Attention is given to the shoulders, neck and upper back to relieve sore muscles, and the hands and forearms receive extra special care.This 90-minute treatment is offered by the Spa at Mohonk House located in Paltz, New York.Visit

My vision is clear. A soothing massage of the third eye chakra. PHOTO: Anne Raso
MY INTENTION IS TO HEAD TO THE NEAREST SPAMii Amo, the destination spa at Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona, offers the Intentional Aromatherapy T…